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Meyer Lemon and Honey Shrub

Meyer Lemon and Honey Shrub

This shrub is versatile, sophisticated and delicious. Would make a lovely dressing with cracked pepper and olive oil, too.  

Pictured with sparkling water and rosemary on ice.  Meyer Lemon leather flower garnish.


2C Meyer Lemons washed and cut into wedges.  (2 cups is smushed wedges into a dry measure)

1C Apple Cider Vinegar, raw organic preferably.  Although if you can't afford organic, just bless it.  The result is nearly identical.

1C Honey, organic if possible. Aforementioned rule applies here, too.

1/2C Water

*I added a pinch of Angelica root and Clove for interest but isn't necessary.


In a non-reactive pan, combine all ingredients and stir to combine. 

Heat over medium heat until honey dissolves. 

Allow to cool to room temperature and place in clean jar to refrigerate for 24-36  hours.

Ladle out the lemons and strain twice. 

Place into clean container(s) and refrigerate.

Add to (sparkling) water, mixed drinks, cocktails, mocktails, craft cocktails, marinades, dressings.


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