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Fig, Basil and Cardamom Shrub and Drink Recipe

Fig, Basil and Cardamom Shrub and Drink Recipe

While figs impart a subtle flavor, this shrub is well balanced and rich.

1lb figs half or quartered

1 tsp cardamom shelled

a handfull of fresh basil

2 cups brown sugar (or other sugar)

1 cup apple cider vinegar (or balsamic)

fig leaf (optional)

Combine figs, cardamom and basil along with brown sugar and if available a fig leaf. The fig leaf will impart a vanilla and walnut flavor. Cover with a tea towel and allow to sit at room temperature for three days. It will become thick and syrupy. Strain and add the cup of apple cider vinegar.  Store in clean, airtight container in refrigerator for up to three months.

Fig, Cardamom and Basil Shrub

Drink Recipe:

1.5 oz Fig Shrub

1 oz vodka or other spirit

1/2 lime's juice

Club soda to taste


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